The Cutest Little Spy Plane
Earlier this year, the CIA declassified & released one of the original U2 flight manuals from 1959 (PDF, 18.8MB). I guess I had randomly downloaded it and promptly forgot, but I re-discovered it in my downloads folder earlier today. While most of the manual concerns all the nitty-gritty of flying a plane to gather intel over… » Read more – ‘The Cutest Little Spy Plane’.
Grad things. Job things. Life things.
Recently, Mike Monteiro—he of the “Fuck You. Pay Me” school of design—did a nice little write-up about job searching / interviewing for recent grads. While all of Mike’s points are spot on, I couldn’t help but feel that they are from the viewpoint of a person that’s used to hiring in his own particular way, not necessarily someone who’s… » Read more – ‘Grad things. Job things. Life things.’.
When a brush is a broom.
I attended a talk that graphic designer Debbie Millman gave the other week in which she jokingly drew a comparison of designers to janitors. While most people in the audience laughed at what was meant to be a lighthearted joke, Debbie’s comment brought back a flood of thoughts from my years as an undergraduate art… » Read more – ‘When a brush is a broom.’.
Coding Angst
At an AIGA/NY talk that Jussi Ängeslevä gave last week, a point was brought up in the Q&A afterwards that I thought was interesting: should designers learn to code? Jussi of course resoundingly gave his support to this notion, but then threw the question over to a colleague that was in attendance, who said something… » Read more – ‘Coding Angst’.
“What do you want to be?”
Earlier this year, a good friend and mentor of mine put my feet to the fire and asked “what do you want to be in five years?” I “um”ed and “err”ed for a bit and began to give a very textbook response (probably something along the lines of “senior designer at a medium-sized brand firm”),… » Read more – ‘“What do you want to be?”’.
Oh the places you’ll go…
Better late than never. First off, thank you all very much for your birthday wishes; as simple as it is to send off a quick wall post on Facebook, or to shoot off a quick text, it’s always nice to know that people are thinking of you. Keeping with the tradition of the past couple… » Read more – ‘Oh the places you’ll go…’.
“Statement of Intent”
The cross-disciplinary aspects inherent in design have always fascinated me. Although I trained as a graphic designer, I’ve always been eager to see what my friends in architecture school are working on, or what new project IDEO is putting out there. The conceptual aspects of design—those projects that don’t necessarily come to fruition, but are… » Read more – ‘“Statement of Intent”’.
The AIGA’s Passion Problem
This year’s AIGA National competition has been dubbed “Justified“, and, in the AIGA’s own words, will be: …examples of good design that are also described in terms of their effectiveness in meeting the client’s objectives. Entries will be judged based on their design attributes and also how well a short case is made on their… » Read more – ‘The AIGA’s Passion Problem’.
The Stacks
Very rarely will you see me out and about in the world without something to read. Perhaps it’s the result of growing up with a house with two English literature majors, but I cannot—for the life of me—imagine going a day without reading something new. I’d estimate that I probably have a backlog of 4… » Read more – ‘The Stacks’.
A Birthday Thanks
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I know in the age of Facebook, it’s a very zero-cost activity to punch out a “Happy birthday!!” on someone’s wall, but I still maintain that it means something when so many people deem me significant enough to warrant a moment’s thought, so again, I thank you all.… » Read more – ‘A Birthday Thanks’.
A Reply to a Graphic Design Student
About a month ago I received an email from a student looking to apply to the BFA Graphic Design program at Cal State Long Beach; the program from which I will graduate from this coming December. Our BFA program is particularly competitive in that students must undergo a portfolio review process in order to be… » Read more – ‘A Reply to a Graphic Design Student’.
[email protected]: Weeks 4 & 5
I figured it would go fast, and so it did: the first Condensed class of [email protected] has graduated. These past five weeks have been a fantastic experience, both in terms of strengthening my skill-set, as well as spending time to get to know a talented group of designers. My worldview on design and branding has… » Read more – ‘[email protected]: Weeks 4 & 5’.
[email protected]: Weeks 2 & 3
The problem with a blog is that it’s a lot like a house plant: you have to tend to and pay attention to it, otherwise it’ll end up just withering up and dying. Unfortunately for my house plant, I’ve been rather neglectful and the leaves – I suspect – are beginning to turn a bit… » Read more – ‘[email protected]: Weeks 2 & 3’.
[email protected]: Week One
I hate it when people say this, but it’s completely true: time does fly when you’re having fun (and/or frustrated, which has definitely been a feeling that’s been felt at times). This first week has gone by so amazingly quick that I imagine that it’ll be the end of July before I know it. This… » Read more – ‘[email protected]: Week One’.
[email protected]: Day One
Class got out on time (amazing!) last night at 9.30pm; home is a fifteen minute walk, so I got back to the apartment around 9.45, at which point I had only the energy to reply to a couple messages and promptly pass out. The day is a bit tough to condense (ha!) in my head,… » Read more – ‘[email protected]: Day One’.
Travel Notes
I got in to JFK at 5am this morning. However, I wouldn’t be able to pick up the key to the place I’m staying at until about 9am, and as I didn’t really want to lug around two (rather large) bags with me on the subway and around various surface streets for four hours, I… » Read more – ‘Travel Notes’.
Making the (Upper)Case for Type Education
I think it has something to do with the current stage I am at in my life – and the formation of opinions about that stage – that I find that I’m constantly thinking about typography and its role (or the dearth thereof) in design education. I don’t know that we fully appreciate the impact… » Read more – ‘Making the (Upper)Case for Type Education’.
The Tree of Life: Thoughts
I had the chance to see Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life this past weekend, and I’ll start right away by saying that this is by no means a popcorn movie (although I did ironically buy a popcorn on my way in…). I had the chance to read some of the reviews of the film… » Read more – ‘The Tree of Life: Thoughts’.
[email protected]: Pre-Game
In a little over two weeks I will – along with fourteen other students – be starting at one of the few type design programs in the world. [email protected] is probably by far the youngest program of its type, and its most certainly the only program of its kind in the United States (the only others… » Read more – ‘[email protected]: Pre-Game’.
Grazie! Danke! Thanks!
The thank you note is an endangered species. I’ll readily admit that I have forgotten more than once to send one off following the receipt of a birthday gift or a holiday card filled with monetary cheer. And when I do finally remember, it’s months after the fact, and as I’m unsure of the statute… » Read more – ‘Grazie! Danke! Thanks!’.
It’s a good time to be a Wim Crouwel fan. The past few months have seen a huge resurgence in the discussion of the prolific Nederlander and the impact of his particular brand of Modernism vis-à-vis Total Design. The Design Museum has hosted a retrospective, Unit Editions has published two books – one for the aforementioned exhibition,… » Read more – ‘Vormgevers’.
The Graphic Design Student
Andrew Byrom – a professor of mine at CSULB – recently sent along a survey that was being undertaken by a colleague of his in Northumbria on the state of the graduating graphic design student. Although I’m sure that it was overlooked by the majority of students to whom Andrew forwarded it (he sent it off during… » Read more – ‘The Graphic Design Student’.