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Grad things. Job things. Life things.

Grad things. Job things. Life things.

Recently, Mike Monteiro—he of the “Fuck You. Pay Me” school of design—did a nice little write-up about job searching / interviewing for recent grads. While all of Mike’s points are spot on, I couldn’t help but feel that they are from the viewpoint of a person that’s used to hiring in his own particular way, not necessarily someone who’s… »

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The Cutest Little Spy Plane
Earlier this year, the CIA declassified & released one of the original U2 flight manuals from 1959 (PDF, 18.8MB). I guess I had randomly downloaded it and promptly forgot, but I re-discovered it in my downloads folder earlier today. While most of the manual concerns all the nitty-gritty of flying a plane to gather intel over… »
When a brush is a broom.
I attended a talk that graphic designer Debbie Millman gave the other week in which she jokingly drew a comparison of designers to janitors. While most people in the audience laughed at what was meant to be a lighthearted joke, Debbie’s comment brought back a flood of thoughts from my years as an undergraduate art… »
Coding Angst
At an AIGA/NY talk that Jussi Ängeslevä gave last week, a point was brought up in the Q&A afterwards that I thought was interesting: should designers learn to code? Jussi of course resoundingly gave his support to this notion, but then threw the question over to a colleague that was in attendance, who said something… »

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